Data Management



Data Management

StoreToolz keeps your data safe! All data is backed up continuously night and day, and that includes order, customer, and activity data. The data is yours, and you have a right to a copy of it at any time.

StoreToolz encrypts sensitive data, like credit card numbers and those numbers are never wholly displayed in confirmations or administration screens. Once a customer enters a credit card number, that number can only be seen by the principals of StoreToolz, and then it is needed only when a refund must be issued.

Customer's credit card numbers can optionally be stored on the system if the customer chooses, and they can save themselves the trouble of re-entering it on their next order. If a customer wished for use to not store their credit card number, then we will not.

Customers paying via PayPal do not give StoreToolz their credit card numbers, so we can never store them in that case.

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