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StoreToolz support is always available online, and merchant's suggestions are always seriously considered. The most effective support is via the merchant online trouble report form, as it allows StoreToolz to distribute issues to the most expert support personnel for that issue. It also allows StoreToolz to queue trouble reports so that they can be handled quickly and efficiently.

Customers are treated to an intuitive shopping interface with helpful links to explain functions to them. It is the goal of StoreToolz to eliminate the merchant's role in the support function, unless there is a question about an order that only the merchant can handle.

There is no "user manual" for StoreToolz, as is common these days for online applications. Instead there is a help link for each feature and function that is not self-explanatory.

Customer questions and inquiries are "passed-through" to the merchant's email, and the merchant can use the Merchant Care Center to message back to the customer. Or the merchant can email the customer directly.

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